Are you an ex oxe? Then enter this site.

If you are an ex oxe, then you are a good and great person, but if you are an oxe, then you must consider to be a little bit softer. The sign of being an oxe is that you only trust your self. If you learn to trust in other humans, then you have gotten far, and if you trust in God, you are an ex oxe. It is just great to believe in the Lord allmighty, and in Jesus the saver. Amen to that. Halleluja!

This site will be dedicated to those who want to be saved by Jesus. It is a great life to live with Jesus. The 9th of january 2015 it will be 6 years since Jesus made me well from 25 years with mental illness. I am Jesus eternally greatfull for making me well. The greatest day in my life was when Jesus lifted me up and made me well again.

If this sounds interesting to you, just hear me out. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and he is true and endless love for all man. I hope you would consider to recieve Jesus in your heart. Halleluja!

(C) 2014 Arnstein Martinsen. Here is Arnstein Martinsen. He is a happy man, because Jesus made him well.

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