Arnstein Martinsens Own Cat
This website is dedicated to my cat, Monza. Monze means Angel in greek.
Monza is really an angel. She is just kind and good. She is looking after me,
and I look after her. She is the kindest cat in the whole universe. That is true!
I live alone, but Monza lives together with me. Even if I live alone, I live with
Jesus in my heart. Jesus is my Father, Savior, Lord and God, and have always been
in my heart, and Monza has been sent from God to me. Jesus created the whole universe.
As this website expands there will be stories about Jesus, my friends, Monza and me.
I hope you will enjoy this website. Have a lovley christmas, and a superb new year.
Arnstein: December 11. 2016 © 2016 Arnstein Martinsen
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